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Gmail security hole

The Isreali site has published details of a security vulnerability in Gmail which allows the hacker full access to people’s Gmail accounts. This news has very serious implications for anyone who has used their Gmail account to send or … Continue reading

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ISA Server error 12217

A client was having an intermittant error on websites he is hosting on one of his servers. The error was occurring only on some pages and only some of the time. The error message displayed was “The request was rejected … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Truth!

Forrestor recently produced a report claiming that Windows is a safer platform than Linux. They said that Microsoft responded faster to vulnerabilities, that they were the only company to fix 100% of all vulnerabilities during the life of the study … Continue reading

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Intel run out of speed?

Remember the nineties? Remember the wars between Wintel and Apple – Apple produced the PowerPC RISC chip in 1994 (with a little help from IBM and Motorola!) and claimed that because of their different architecture, the speed of the PowerPC … Continue reading

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Another Google hole reported

I wrote recently about a security issue with Google – Google patched that hole very quickly after it was made public. Now, however, another hole has been discovered by Netcraft – Google have been notified and Netcraft say they will … Continue reading

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Bush vs. Kerry on technology

The Computer Technology Industry Association asked the campaigns of the two candidates for the US presidential election 12 technology related questions – the questions and the responses are available online here. Based on the answers, I would vote for Kerry … Continue reading

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