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Feedmap relocates me!

I decided to try to add a FeedMap to my site yesterday – a feedmap is a map you can add to the sidebar of your blog showing where you are based and showing other bloggers in your locale if … Continue reading

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Google releases half-baked Google Pages

Google released a new product overnight called Google Pages and one has to wonder why?! Google Pages gives you the ability to create simple web pages through a simple online web editor but it is missing so much as to … Continue reading

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Full vs partail feeds war erupts once more – yawn!

Duncan at the Blog Herald has ignited his twice yearly war on full feeds (here’s his previous attack on full feeds). Duncan is taking a new tack on the argument this time saying that you can’t make money by giving … Continue reading

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VOIP on mobiles – cheap mobile calls at last?

I have a voip landline phone setup – this means my landline calls cost next to nothing as they go over my always-on broadband Internet connection. I still end up paying an arm and a leg for calls from my … Continue reading

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I was the top story in Memeorandum!

Yesterday the review I published on edgeio made it to the top of Memeorandum for a short time! In case you haven’t come across Memeorandum, it is a site which aggregates tech stories from around the blogosphere and ranks them … Continue reading

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Sneak peek at edgeio!

I received an invite to take a sneak peek at edgeio this morning – edgeio is Michael Arrington of TechCrunch fame’s latest startup. The tagline for edgeio is “Listings from the edge” so the name comes from the word “edge” … Continue reading

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