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Happy Christmas all

I’m starting to wind down for Christmas and spending some quality time with the family. A very Happy Christmas to everyone who reads this blog. See you all on the other side of the holidays.

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Will 2008 be the year of the standards compliant browser?

Microsoft announced yesterday on the Internet Explorer blog that the next version of Internet Explorer (IE8) will correctly render the Acid2 test page. See the excellent Channel 9 video for more. The Acid2 test is a test of a browser’s … Continue reading

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CIX on

We held our Open Day in CIX a couple of weeks back. We invited local businesses to come in and have a look at the data centre infrastructure before we closed up all the ducts and hazardous areas. We also … Continue reading

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Firefox 3.0b2 released

I started using Firefox 3.0b1 a few weeks back as my primary browser (in general it is not advisable to use beta software on a production machine). In that time it has been incredibly stable and not at all resource … Continue reading

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Why blogs are important

Commoncraft have another one of their great videos up – this time explaining why blogs are so important. If you have three minutes to spare, watch this short video:

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CO2 emissions vs income

I generated this graph on Prof Hans Rosling’s site. The data shows, somewhat surprisingly that the increase in carbon emissions in countries like Ireland and the US from 1975 to 2002 are not in any way mirrored by any … Continue reading

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