Apple to sell lemons?

The Apple iPhone was released during my downtime, to much hoopla! It looks fantastic and sports a slew of features which, while previously available on Treo’s etc., Apple are now making available in a much more consumer-friendly device.

However, Apple is now taking a panning on the device after the initial honeymoon period has worn off.

Cory Doctorow has a great piece over on Boing Boing where he takes apart Apple’s offering for their DRM and lock-in:

Apple and Cingular have been trumpeting the technical prowess they’ve deployed in locking iPhone to the Cingular network, to be sure that no one can switch carriers with their iPhones. Even the Copyright Office has recognized that locking handsets to carriers is bad for competition and bad for the public.

There’s another thing you can’t switch with the iPhone: the software it runs. You can’t install third-party apps on handset. Steve Jobs claims that this is because running your own code on a phone could crash the phone network, which must be news to all those Treo owners running around on Cingular’s own network without causing a telecoms meltdown.

I’m a big Mac fan (I know, I hide it well!!!) but Cory has hit the nail on the head here. Imagine if Apple locked down the Mac, saying you couldn’t install 3rd party apps on it in case it might crash (or cause the Internet to fail!!!).

No, unless Apple row back on this stance, they’ll have a lemon on their hands.

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