Audio player plugin not working in WordPress 2.5?

I use the Audio Player plugin on a number of sites where I publish podcasts, principally

The main reason I use it is to simply populate the posts with a Flash player for any podcasts which I post so people can listen to them onscreen.

However, since upgrading PodLeaders to WordPress to 2.5 the plugin has stopped working :-( It simply displays a blank where the Flash player should be.

I tried switching to the Default WordPress theme to see if the problem was theme related but it appears not to be as the problem also happened in that theme.

I downloaded another plugin, called Podcasting which is supposed to work with WordPress 2.5 but that didn’t seem to work either.

Does anyone have any idea where the problem might lie and what I’ll need to do to fix it?

UPDATE: Problem solved. Pete reminded me in the comments of this post to check my folder structure for the Audio Player plugin and sure enough when updating from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3 I had inadvertently uploaded the plugin folder instead of simply the contents of the plugin folder! Fixed now and working once more. Thanks Pete.

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  1. 1 elly parker

    Weird, I updated grannymar to WP 2.5 this morning and Audio Player 1.2.3 is working fine:

    Perhaps one of the other plugins is affecting it? Try turning them all off and back on one-by-one?

  2. 2 Cormac

    I usually download my current wp directory and test the updates locally against theme/plugin compatibility.

    BTW, the size of the user inputted text in your comment form is tiny on Safari 3 OS X Leopard.

  3. 3 Tom Raftery

    @elly parker - that’s odd - Audio Player fails on even when all the other plugins are turned off.

    @Cormac - thanks, a possible strategy for the next time!

  4. 4 Brian Greene

    just installed fresh copy first time ever
    its at the bottom of the post and its working. external MP3 works, internal mp3 works… rip it out - and start again. im 2.5

  5. 5 Pete

    Tom - same thing happened to me, and I just figured it out. Did you happen to upload “audio-player Folder” into your Plugins folder? That’s what I did initially, and I was experiencing the same symptoms as you. Then I realized I needed to upload the contents of “audio-player Folder” into the Plugins folder (audio-player [the folder] and audio-player.php).

    That worked for me, hopefully it’d that simple for you.

  6. 6 Tom Raftery


    @Pete, you da man! That’s exactly what I did (idiot that I am!). When I went to upgrade I noticed that there was an update to Audio Player (1.2.2 -> 1.2.3) so I deleted the old one and uploaded the new one in its folder instead of the contents of the folder.


    Thanks Pete!

    Sorted now.

  7. 7 Philip

    Have you had a problem uploading images in the new Flash uploader? I believe it can be a problem with the Mac, too. I installed a fresh WP 2.5 for a friend. I use Ubuntu & Firefox and the flash image uploader didn’t work. Logged into Vista & IE 7 and it did. cf

  8. 8 Tom Raftery

    Philip - I haven’t tried it, tbh. I pull my images from my Flickr account using the embed code generated there.

  9. 9 Rostyslav

    I never upgrade my wordpress acount until the next version has come out that way most plugins have updates and work.

  10. 10 Patrick James

    I recently upgraded my wordpress installation… The results were disasterous! It seem to go through my blog like a lawnmower! I think there was elements of human error involved too! But nearly back on track!

  11. 11 zury


    I have exactly the same problem described here but…didn’t got solved with Pete’s suggestion…any other ideas?


  12. 12 Guino

    I did t same. It works now.

  13. 13 caio

    I have the same problem.
    But i lost my oldest version (1.2.2).
    Dows anybody have and can send to me?
    My e-mail:


  14. 14 adam

    Kind of weird. There are two sets of “contents”, because in the audio-player folder is a php file, a text file and another folder called audio-player filled with other files and another folder called “upgrade”. The readme.txt file says to empty the contents of the audio-player folder into your plugins folder. Which of the two audio-player folder contents are you supposed to put in the plugins folder?

  15. 15 adam
  16. 16 Raj

    Omg, Pete! You ARE the man! I, being the idiot that I am, was struggling with getting my player to show up and your tip worked perfectly! 8 months later! Much thanks! And thanks for putting this post up Tom !

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