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New “Green” blog

Over the last few days I have been building a new blog focussing on Green issues, it is at

From now on, this is where I will be posting all my Green-related content - thanks for bearing with me as I polluted the stream here with non-tech-related content.

Why blog?

I uploaded the presentation I gave at the IWTC conference last week to

The talk is entitled “Why Blog?” - and is aimed at helping educate companies on the potential advantages of blogging to their business.

I have embedded a copy below -

Enjoy the blog awards

The 2008 Irish Blog Awards are on this evening thanks to a monumental amount of work by the awards founder and organiser Damien Mulley.

Unfortunately, for the first time, I can’t make it along to the awards this year. It is really disappointing as it really is a great event :-(

I hope everyone who goes along this evening has a total blast.

My interview published on Channel 9

When I was in Barcelona for TechEd last year Charles Torre did a video interview with me. We had a wide ranging chat about data centre energy efficiency strategies, blogs/blogging and the Death Star!

Charles emailed me last night to let me know that the interview has now been published on Channel 9 (Channel 9 is a very high trafficked online forum where videos are posted and discussions on those videos take place).

It has already been viewed over 600 times!

The player is SilverLight and doesn’t appear to work on the Mac for some reason but there is a link to a .wmv version of the video so you can download and watch locally.

Why blogs are important

Commoncraft have another one of their great videos up - this time explaining why blogs are so important. If you have three minutes to spare, watch this short video:

Conferences can be fun!

I am back in Cork after the Eventoblog conference in Seville over the weekend.

Now I am helping with last-minute preparations for the it@cork conference. It is on this coming Wednesday and it is going to be a real ‘wow!’ event. Apart from the incredible speakers that are lined up, the delegate list is like a who’s who of the techosphere in Ireland. The networking opportunities are going to be superb.

If you plan on going and you haven’t registered yet, do it asap in case you unwittingly miss out!

The Eventoblog conference was great. I didn’t understand most of the talks (my excuse is that they were in Spanish!!!) but I had a fantastic time meeting the Spanish blogging community and the social events which were laid on were excellent.

I’m slightly less terrified about moving to Spain now!

[Disclosure - I'm the Chair of the it@cork conference organising committee]

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