Intern caught in fairy outfit!

Spotted this story yesterday on Valleywag - long story->short, guy working as an intern for a US branch of Anglo-Irish Bank, took a couple of day’s leave saying he had to head to New York home suddenly.

I just wanted to let you know that I will not be able to come into work tomorrow. Something came up at home and I had to go to New York this morning for the next couple of days.

Then a photo of him is posted on Facebook dressed as a fairy (complete with wings and wand) at a Halloween party when he was supposed to be home in New York!

Busted Intern

His boss, who obviously has a sense of humour, in his reply to the email included a copy of the photo, said:

Thanks for letting us know–hope everything is ok in New York. (cool wand)

and bcc’d the whole office!

There goes his credibility, if not his internship!

Valleywag are implying in their story that there is something new here. Facebook helps hip bosses keep track of employees!

I can’t help but think that this story has happened over and over again. Employee does something silly. Gets caught. The only thing that changes is the names and the technologies.

I’m sure there were similar stories doing the rounds with the advent of the phone and later the fax. There is nothing new here.

It is a great photo though!

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4 Responses to “Intern caught in fairy outfit!”

  1. 1 73man

    Could the guy claimed to have done a Stephen Ireland on it?

  2. 2 fairy girl

    I think he looks kind of cute. now I want to go draw a fairy that looks just like him.

  3. 3 How Draw

    He is definitely not allowed to be a figure model for our art classes.

    I have seen this done before, it is much more funny when it is a fat biker dude with combat boots and a giant beard

  4. 4 Stephanie

    Oh my goodness that is hilarious! That just goes to show why you should not lie to your boss and just tell the truth. Of course he would have been fired anyway. He could have at least picked a better outfit though…ew!

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