The even lighter side of blogging

I posted a cartoon yesterday by Alex Gregory which appeared in the New Yorker on Sept 12th and is now doing the rounds of the blogosphere (see below)

blog cartoon © Alex

FrankP (the illustrator of the funny cartoons on decided that the cartoon would work better with a little re-wording (see below for Frank’s re-worded version)
edited blog cartoon © Alex and Frank Prendergast

Personally, I think the wording on Frank’s is clearer – the original cartoon is ambiguous and it is possible this ambiguity which has led to its wide appeal (everyone takes their own interpretation and finds that funny!).

I prefer Frank’s version – what do you think?

Oh and as Frank said:

I have no idea of the legality of reproducing and editing the said cartoon, so if the owner/creator contacts me I’ll take em off straight away!

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3 Responses to The even lighter side of blogging

  1. Michael says:

    I prefer the original version. I hate it when something needs too much clarification.

    In terms of “having an audience”, it was actually ClustrMaps which saved me from “blog blues”.

  2. Aditya says:

    I am with Michael here. Ambiguity can be good, and usually is (as in this case).

  3. non-blogger says:

    to a non-blogger, the second version is much funnier…

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