The real Facebook!

If you are getting tired of Facebook, you will appreciate this (and even if you are not getting tired of Facebook, watch this and you might start to see why it has become really annoying!).

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12 Responses to “The real Facebook!”

  1. 1 James

    That was hilarious! Thanks!

  2. 2 hostyle

    Its been like that pretty much from the start, IMO. Or maybe I just have more annoying real life friends than everyone else :/

  3. 3 Shane

    Never understood the attraction. Now I know why. Brilliant.

  4. 4 Lar


  5. 5 washwords

    this is hillarious – a new classic. so why can’t i go to sleep? (still twittering, facebooking, friending, digging,’ing, bloghering, blogcatalogging….)

    can any of you wise people help me? my head is hurting from overwhelming intoxicatingness of it all…?

  6. 6 Salim Ismail

    Ha ha ha… nice find, Tom…

  7. 7 Thomas Wright

    Absolutely fantastic!
    And a gentle reminder that it might be time to either undergo some social pruning or leave Facebook altogether…

  8. 8 paul

    Ha. Great find. I am on facebook, but it does seem that alot of my friends are a lot more active.

  9. 9 simon from american idol

    fix it or ull never have a chance on american idol

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