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Log file and Blog comment spam

I use AwStats to monitor traffic on the site. I monitor the traffic regularly and recently started to notice that my site was apparently being linked to by some very strange sounding sites – Online Poker sites and Online … Continue reading

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Makelovenotspam – Is Lycos becoming a spammer?

The Register have posted a story saying Lycos have launched a screensaver which is designed to utilise the bandwidth of spammers and therefore slow down (but critically not stop as this would be a ddos and therefore illegal) the spammers … Continue reading

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Free RSS reader for Mac OS X

I use Mac OS X as my main OS (Operating System) on my Powerbook 15″. I also have Windows XP SP2 installed and running simultaneously on the PowerBook (thanks to the magic of Virtual PC) but I only switch to … Continue reading

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Cracker Targets Ad Servers with IE Exploit

Falk eSolutions is an Ad Serving company who according to their website “is now the third-largest ad management solution worldwide, serving over 12 billion ad impressions per month”. On 20/11/04 some clever cracker broke into one of their load balancing … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Revenue Online Service (ROS) and Mac OS X

The Irish Revenue Commissioners have an online service called Revenue Online Service (or ROS for short). I tried to sign up for Revenue Online’s service over the last week. However, I failed to get it working because of a problem … Continue reading

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Firefox extensions

One of the reasons I like Firefox so much is its extensibility – something annoying you about your browsing experience? Well, if your browser is Firefox, the chances are that someone else has been frustrated by the same issue and … Continue reading

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