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Microsoft ships Windows 2003 SP1

Microsoft has rolled out Windows 2003 SP1. One of its main new features (apart from bug fixes) is the Security Configuration Wizard, which helps reduce the “attack surface” by collecting data about specific server roles and then automatically blocking all … Continue reading

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Zero to charged in sixty seconds

According to an article in Businessworld, Toshiba have invented a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can be charged to 80% of it capacity in just one minute. The battery uses nano technology apparently – nano-particles to prevent organic liquid electrolytes from … Continue reading

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Yahoo Groups displays as a blank page

Bernie emailed me this morning to invite me to join Irishblogs – a new group set up on Yahoo! Groups. The group description People from Ireland or in Ireland who have blogs, cross-links, and threads worth sharing. sounded reasonably interesting … Continue reading

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A spam comment makes it through my comment spam defences

Well, it had to happen – a comment spam made it through my defences and onto the site this morning. Having said that, I never thought the site would be spam-free for four whole weeks when I turned off my … Continue reading

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Tomás Donato Raftery Carnicero is 2 today!

Today is my son’s birthday – happy birthday Tomás! Isn’t he beautiful?

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Red Hat eschews Open Source software

Matt has posted a piece on his site noting that Red Hat’s blogs are run out of Movable Type – a closed source blog software application! This is made all the more ironic when you read on Red Hat’s Open … Continue reading

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