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Tiger’s Mail 2 app causing problems

I have had another issue occur with my Tiger installation. This time with the Mail app. It is a really weird one. When I click on the New Mail button, the new mail form which opens up allows me to … Continue reading

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java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: getProxyConfigURL error on OS X

I keep getting the java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: getProxyConfigURL error when trying to view certain pages with embedded java apps – ie and This was happening under 10.3 and I had hoped that the upgrade to 10.4 (Tiger) would resolve it. … Continue reading

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Firefox running slow on Tiger?

One conclusion I am quickly coming to from using Tiger this morning is that Firefox (v. 1.03) seems to be running slower on Tiger than it was on Panther (OS X 10.3). Maybe (hopefully!) it is just me! I’ll keep … Continue reading

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Tiger install update

In an update to my previous post on my install of Tiger here are a few more of my observations. After leaving the PowerBook running overnight, and re-starting it this morning it is now running at ‘normal speed’ again. That … Continue reading

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Tiger successfully installed

Well Tiger arrived yesterday (Thursday) and after backing up my PowerBook I set about the installation. The upgrade proceeded without any hitches. The PowerBook is now noticably slower after re-starting but I am putting that down to Spotlight indexing the … Continue reading

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Safari passes the Acid2 test

Acid2 is a page created by to test the web standards’ compliance of browsers as reported here on the 15th. David Hyatt, a Safari developer, is reporting that Safari is now passing the Acid2 test. If this is so, … Continue reading

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