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“Thank you for taking the trouble to complain”

One of the reasons why Robert Scoble is liked and respected is that he puts his hands up when someone highlights a problem with some aspect of Microsoft or its products. If someone says “Microsoft sucks” – he doesn’t say … Continue reading

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Google Adsense and EFT payments

This has probably been going on for a long time but I missed the memo(!) – Google’s Adsense is now paying by EFT as well as by cheque – this should speed up payments and reduce bank charges – excellent! … Continue reading

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Google founder defends censorship

David Kirkpatrick of Fortune met with Sergey Brin (one of the co-founders of Google) at the World Economic Forum at Davos and asked him about Google’s decision to censor the Internet in China (something I posted about the other day). … Continue reading

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FeedLounge’s amazing disappearing feeds trick!

I signed up for a Feedlounge account today – why? Partly out of curiousity and partly ‘cos I’d really like to have some way to have my feeds synchronised across machines and FeedLounge, being an online aggregator, allows for that … Continue reading

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Questions for Mary Hodder?

I will be interviewing Mary Hodder at the start of next week – if anyone has any questions for her, feel free to drop them in the comments of this post and I’ll put them to her during the interview.

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Google censors the Internet

The New York Times published an article yesterday (and I think I heard a reference this morning on Morning Ireland) about Google’s new site. According to the article, the new Chinese version of the Google search engine: will not … Continue reading

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