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Joost invites

I have two Joost invites to give out. They go to the first two people to leave a comment here. Leave your name (first name and last name) and email (in the email field so it won’t be displayed) Update: … Continue reading

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Time to stop using Safari?

Oh dear, Dr. Macenstein is reporting that Safari is a resource hog – using up to 76% more resources than Firefox. According to Dr. Macenstien Safari grabs resources from the system even when idle in the background: It seems to … Continue reading

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New version of Parallels too popular!

I have written about Parallels previously and how it makes running Windows applications on a Mac seamless. Arstechnica are reporting that the latest version of Parallels is now available to download. For anyone who already owns a copy of Parallels, … Continue reading

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More bad news for Vista

According to an article in InformationWeek, a privilege escalation vulnerability has been found in Windows Vista. The vulnerability was reported to Microsoft by eEye Digital Security on the 19th of January. Marc Maiffret, Chief Hacking Officer of eEye said: with … Continue reading

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Social network event in Galway

I notice that the boys in UCG’s DERI institute are holding a Webcamp next week, on the 7th. It is on social networks and includes a few big names in the space. Should be good.

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The real reason why Vista isn’t selling?

Wow! Avowed Microsoft fanboy, Chris Pirillo, is dumping Windows Vista and reverting to Windows XP! I’m “upgrading” from Windows Vista to Windows XP. I stand by my original assertion that the shipping version of this OS is late beta, at … Continue reading

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