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Google’s OpenSocial to become the platform’s platform?

One of the biggest problems with Social Networks is that your information is never synchronised across them if you are in more than one and if you are in only one, the time you invest adding in information, is time … Continue reading

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Emigrating to Spain

My wife Pilar and I have decided to move to my wife’s home town of Seville in the south of Spain next year. This is a decision we have been wrestling with for some time now but this summer’s lack … Continue reading

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OS X Leopard hacked to run on PCs

With Apple’s move to Intel chips for its Macs, the last significant difference in the hardware architecture between Macs and PCs disappeared. This meant that Apple’s much vaunted OS X operating system is designed to work on PC hardware. Leopard, … Continue reading

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Free son to a good home

Via the FaceBook Observer comes this gem: Free to any kind of home. Lazy, slob, unmotivated, comes with no future plans, does not do chores, parties all night, sleeps all day, curses in his sleep, eats constantly, does not clean … Continue reading

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See if this doesn’t terrify you

I have always wanted to fly. And I have no fear of heights – hence I have climbed the CIX mast numerous times (with appropriate safety gear!). However, just watching these guys in wingsuits scares the hell out of me! … Continue reading

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Support the US Energy Bill

Chris Abraham emailed me overnight asking me to blog about the Energy Bill issue as discussed in The Energy Bill is a US environmental focussed bill and the site Chris links to, urges US politicians to: protect America’s … Continue reading

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