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Vista SP1 To cause more problems than it cures?

Microsoft have published a list of programs which it says will be broken by Vista SP1 according to a story on The applications listed are not the only ones which will be broken it seems and Microsoft is advising … Continue reading

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Are you experiencing FaceBook fade?

FaceBook opened its APIs for third party developers last year, opened its registration to all and saw a meteoric rise in use. The developers started creating all kinds of applications for FaceBook and the FaceBook Platform was pronounced as the … Continue reading

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You can never rely on encryption

Like most people in Ireland I listened to the story of how the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) had a laptop stolen in New York with the details of 171,000 blood donors on it, not least because, as a blood … Continue reading

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Microsoft embracing ‘Open’ – can a leopard change its spots?

In a surprise announcement yesterday, Microsoft vowed to increase the openness of its key products! Yes this is still February, April 1st is several weeks away yet! So what did Microsoft say in this release? Well, Specifically, Microsoft is implementing … Continue reading

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Any questions for Jason Calacanis?

I’m interviewing Jason Calacanis later on today (Friday 22nd) for a PodLeaders podcast. I will be talking to him about Weblogs Inc., the Tesla and Mahalo, amongst other things. If you have any questions you’d like me to put to … Continue reading

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ISA and IWTC conferences next week

I’m speaking at both the ISA and the IWTC conferences next week! At the ISA conference, the topic title is “Local companies, Global Successes” and I’m on at 12:40 on the Thursday (Feb 28th). At the IWTC conference I am … Continue reading

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