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Audio player plugin not working in WordPress 2.5?

I use the Audio Player plugin on a number of sites where I publish podcasts, principally The main reason I use it is to simply populate the posts with a Flash player for any podcasts which I post so … Continue reading

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Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_register_sidebar_widget() in…

Beware if you update to WordPress 2.5 and are using the very popular K2 theme. If you are using K2 and you do update to 2.5, you will receive the following error on trying to browse to your WordPress dashboard: … Continue reading

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Live Maps Bird’s Eye now includes (some) Irish towns

Via Clare Dillon the Virtual Earth blog and Martha Rotter on Twitter I spotted that Microsoft’s Live Maps now includes images of Cork, Galway, Carlow, Limerick, Navan & Wexford – cool! The Bird’s Eye button becomes active when you are … Continue reading

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Get off your high horse Ed!

There was a big bruhaha on the intertubes over the weekend when Apple ran its software update on Windows and offered the Safari 3.1 browser download as the default selected option. Now I am not for a second condoning this … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.5 RC1 released

I read Matt’s post about the release of a beta version of WordPress 2.5 this morning with great excitement (sad aren’t I?) and immediately downloaded it. The screenshots Matt put up look great and I can’t wait to try it … Continue reading

Posted in WordPress | Tagged , , , , , | 9 Comments rolls out new (Yawn) features!, the original Social Bookmarking site is now starting to look long in the tooth and distinctly jaded beside newcomers such as Ma.gnolia. However, all is not lost. Despite it seeming that all the innovation was sucked out of … Continue reading

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