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Business blogging strategic benefits presentation

I have been doing a considerable amount of consulting for companies recently on the topic of business blogging. Most of the companies I visit first want a simple explanation of what a blog is and how it can benefit their … Continue reading

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Technorati announcements

I see on Dave Sifry’s site that Technorati have made a couple of significant announcements. Firstly they have released new statistics on the size and rate of growth of the blogosphere: over 14 million blogs now indexed 80 000 new … Continue reading

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New feed for this blog

In an attempt to see if anyone reads this blog (I have a sinking feeling that my 10 million daily page impressions come from my mother constantly pressing refresh on the computer in their place!), I have set up a … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s is a very pleasant departure – it has a very simple, clean design and, though still in beta, works well in Firefox (though not in Safari)! That in itself is unusual for a Microsoft application. is an … Continue reading

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The big beer ad

If you haven’t seen the Carlton big beer ad, check it out here – it made me laugh!

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3 Ireland should have a blog – cont’d

Michele has written an interesting follow-up to the articles I wrote yesterday on 3 Ireland’s launch here and here. In Michele’s article he compares 3′s launch here with their launch in Italy back in 2002: Prior to the launch in … Continue reading

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