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Funny FaceBook spam!

I received this FaceBook invite to a webinar from Chris Abraham of AbrahamHarrison and Jay Jaffe of Jaffe Associates. This invite was sent to over 2,200 people on FaceBook. Seems like kind of spammy behaviour to me! Ironically the webinar … Continue reading

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The real Facebook!

If you are getting tired of Facebook, you will appreciate this (and even if you are not getting tired of Facebook, watch this and you might start to see why it has become really annoying!).

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Are you experiencing FaceBook fade?

FaceBook opened its APIs for third party developers last year, opened its registration to all and saw a meteoric rise in use. The developers started creating all kinds of applications for FaceBook and the FaceBook Platform was pronounced as the … Continue reading

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Twitter vs. FaceBook

While everyone talks about the power of FaceBook as a cool means of getting a message out, you hear very little about the power of Twitter as a communications tool. I inadvertantly compared the two in recent months and found … Continue reading

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Does Plaxo flood your inbox with connection requests?

Plaxo started life as a place to hold your contact information online. That was quite handy and they allowed synchronising from your Mac or PC so your contact data were always held safe in the cloud. More recently Plaxo added … Continue reading

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Intern caught in fairy outfit!

Spotted this story yesterday on Valleywag – long story->short, guy working as an intern for a US branch of Anglo-Irish Bank, took a couple of day’s leave saying he had to head to New York home suddenly. I just wanted … Continue reading

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